Learn Zapier + IFTTT and Automate Your Life | 2020 Guide

Learn how to focus on what matters by making Zapier and IFTTT automate everything else in this updated 2020 course.

What you’ll learn

  • How to spend LESS time doing operational tasks (a.k.a. BUSYWORK)
  • How to simplify your personal and business tasks
  • How to automate your business operations
  • How to use multi-step, paths, search, and filter zaps (premium features)
  • How to have some fun with automations
  • Which free tools/software work best with automations (with overviews)
  • How to solve complex business problems with automations
  • Where to join the community to share automations and continue learning
  • Learn some no-code tools and how Zapier works with them


  • Own or have access to a computer and/or smart phone with internet access
  • An email address (preferably with Gmail)
  • An insatiable desire to increase efficiency in your life and/or business