Amazon Kindle

Generate passive incomes: Create low content books on Amazon

Create your financial freedom with the low content business on Amazon KDP: easily create and sell journals,notebooks,etc

What you’ll learn

  • Create a KDP Account on Amazon from A to Z | Fill in the tax information
  • Find notebooks that can become best sellers | Know how to find a good niche and to “niche-down”
  • Creation of 3 notebooks (inside and cover) with different softwares (free and paid)
  • Publish a book online from A to Z
  • Strategies to find the best keywords
  • Generate passive income from home or while traveling!
  • Set a selling price
  • BONUS: 4 interiors that you can sell with your own cover
  • How to create a puzzle book : fast and easy
  • How to create a coloring book for kids and adults (2 profitable niches)
  • Where to find KDP interiors already done in PDF in 4 languages
  • How to find the best keywords with Cerebro and Magnet