Artificial Intelligence

AI Influencer: Make Money Online with Social Media Fakes

Stable Diffusion, Loras, Google Colab, and Faceswap: Consistent Characters for Social Media like Instagram, TikTok and X

What you’ll learn

  • Creating Super Realistic AI Influencers
  • Existence of Successful AI Influencers
  • Applications for Created Characters
  • Seaart: Create Images Completely Free
  • All About Stable Diffusion
  • Explanation of Loras
  • Meaning of Seeds
  • Definition of Models
  • Explanation of Checkpoints
  • Prompt Engineering for Stable Diffusion
  • Using the new Knowledge for Free Image Generation in Stable Diffusion and Seaart
  • Faceswap with Google Colab
  • Video Creation for TikTok, Instagram, and Similar Platforms
  • Voice Generation with ElevenLabs
  • Overview of Runway Gen2, Pika Labs, Leiapix
  • Optimal Posting Times on Instagram, TikTok, and Similar Platforms
  • Profile Design for AI Influencers
  • Monetization Opportunities for AI Influencers
  • Overview of Affiliate Marketing, Selling Own Products, Advertising Revenue, Deals, Fiverr, Onlyfans, Superchats, and More