Web Development

Web Scraping in Nodejs & JavaScript

Learn web scraping in Nodejs & JavaScript by example projects with real websites! Craiglist, iMDB, AirBnB and more!

What you’ll learn

  • Be able to scrape jobs from a page on Craigslist
  • Learn how to use Request
  • Learn how to use NightmareJS
  • Learn how to use Puppeteer
  • Learn how to scrape elements without any identifiable classes or id’s
  • Learn how to save scraping data to CSV
  • Learn how to save scraping data to MongoDb
  • Learn how to scrape Facebook using only Request!
  • Learn how you can reverse engineer sites and find hidden API’s!
  • Learn different technologies used for scraping, and when it’s best to use them
  • Learn how to scrape sites using authentication
  • Learn how to scrape HTML tables using Request/Cheerio


  • Basic HTML
  • Basic jQuery
  • Basic Nodejs



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